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The Christmas 2020 Wise Owl newsletter competition
For the second month in a row this issue's competition is a logic puzzle. Use the 6 clues given to determine the finishing order of 5 boys in a race (the winning entry drawn at random will win a fifty-pound Amazon voucher).

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 November 2020

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The Wise Owl Christmas newsletter competition

This month's competition is another logic puzzle.  Five boys compete in a local race to raise money for charity; each chooses to run in fancy dress.

Your friend reports on the race afterwards, but can only remember 6 things about it:

  1. Bud beat the person who raised least money, but was beaten by Dracula.
  2. The boy who raised the most money was dressed as an animal.
  3. The owl (naturally!) won, although he didn't raise the most money.
  4. Baz raised twice as much as the boy in last place, who wasn't the nurse.
  5. Bill beat Ben by three places, although they both beat Bob.
  6. Dracula, the fridge and the nurse between them raised less money than Bud did on his own.

Complete the grid to show the finishing order of the boys, who raised which amounts of money and the costume each was wearing:

Fill in the grid

Fill in the grid above!

You may find it useful to mark impossible combinations in the grid below:

Combinations grid

To make your life even easier, you could download this Excel workbook and fill in the cells.

When you've finished, send your results to the following email address:

The email address

The email address to which you should send your answer.


The first correct answer picked out at random will win a £50 Amazon voucher and a mention in the next newsletter!

Following BORIS last month, we're pleased to say that this month's prize will be awarded by TRUMP (the Truly Random and Unbiased Mediator of Prizes).

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