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Victoria Anthony is the winner of our October 2020 newsletter competition
We had a bumper crop of 42 entries for this puzzle, with one person saying they had enjoyed it so much that they went out to buy a Logic Puzzles book! This blog shows details of the answer and winner.

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 November 2020

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The answers to our October 2020 newsletter competition

Last month we asked you to solve a logic puzzle.  The answers were as follows:

Answers to logic puzzle

Thanks to Vincent for this screen shot ...

This gave the final answer as below:

Final answer

The great thing about logic problems is that it's almost impossible to get a wrong answer (although very easy not to find the right one).

Out of a bumper crop of 42 correct answers, for the second October in a row Victoria Anthony's was the winning entry chosen by the Excel sorting hat, and a £50 Amazon voucher should have already winged its way to her by the time you read this.

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