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Changes to Edge and Windows in the new October 2020 Windows update
Although this is called a Windows update, the most useful changes are actually for the new Edge browser, as this blog explains.

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 October 2020

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The Windows 10 October 2020 update

This new update contains a few small improvements which will make your working life easier (particularly if you use the new Edge browser).

Installing the update

This update is now available, although not immediately for all users.  To find out if you qualify, run this app:

Check for updates

Check your computer for Windows updates by running this program.


You can then check if there are any available updates for you to install:

Check for updates

I've just done this!


If you're due the next Windows update, you should see a link allowing you to download and install it (the new version should then be set to 20H2):

Update history

Clicking on this link in your update history lets you show 12 concise "What's new" tips summarising the new features (you can also see a less helpful summary at the Microsoft site).

Changes to Edge

When you press Alt + Tab in Windows, it now includes all of the tabs you have open in Edge as programs too:

Edge tabs

I can easily see this getting annoying!

You can pin a website you like to your taskbar:

Pinning site to taskbar

Choose this option in the Edge Settings menu to pin a website to your taskbar.

You can also create collections in Edge: 


The collections icon.


The above icon opens a sidebar in Edge, and you can easily pin the current page to it.  You can also add notes to get effects like this:

Example collection

OK, so you can send this to Excel and share it, but aren't these just another version of bookmarks?

Colour Mode

You can choose whether you want to use light or dark colours:

Colour mode

Changing the colour mode in the new version of Windows.


Here's part of my new task bar look in Light mode: 

Light task bar

Will I get used to this? Time will tell!

Other changes not mentioned above are that you can get the Magnifier to read text aloud, plus there's a Microsoft Editor browser extension for Edge.

This blog has 1 thread Add post
16 Nov 20 at 23:37

Hello Andrew, thank you so much for the tit-bits on Windows 10 October 2020 update.

I have a challenge with my new laptop purchased late October running Windows 10. I tried running my excel VBA code which hitherto was running successfully on my old laptop. It gives the "Invalid procedure call or argument" error each time i try to open/launch some of the user forms in the project. Surprisingly, some other parts of the code run just fine. More worrisome is the fact that VBA fails to highlight the line of code that triggers the error.

This is really frustrating to me. Please can you help me out?

Rex Okpo (Abuja, Nigeria)

17 Nov 20 at 09:43

Wow - I have absolutely no idea, I'm afraid!  I'll leave this post up just in case anyone else can contribute.