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For our October 2020 newsletter competition, solve a logical puzzle
Five people live in different houses, travel to work in different ways and work at different jobs. For this month's competition, all you have to do is to work out who is who!

Posted by Andy Brown on 22 October 2020

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October 2020 Newsletter Competition - a Logic Puzzle

Two women (Geeta and Zakiyah) and three men (Carlo, Connor and Dave) live in a block of 5 terraced houses (numbers 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15).  They work in 5 different jobs and commute to work in 5 different ways.

You only know 6 things about them:

  1. The teacher doesn't use public transport, but Carlo at number 9 does.
  2. The nurse lives at the other end of the terrace from Connor.
  3. The man at number 13 drives to his job as an accountant.
  4. Zakiyah, Dave and Geeta live in a row of three houses (though not necessarily in that order), and one of them is an IT Manager.
  5. Neither the IT Manager nor the receptionist commutes by bus.
  6. Geeta isn't a teacher or nurse, and doesn't walk to work.

You may find it useful to mark impossible combinations with an X in the following grid:

Logic grid

Use this grid to keep track of which combinations can and can't work.

If you want to do the competition online, you may find it useful to download an Excel version of the above grid.

When you've worked out who's who, fill in the grid below (there's a version of this in the Excel file linked to above also):

The final grid

Fill in the grid above (the first letter of each entry will suffice).

Email your answers to this address:

Newsletter competition email

The address to which you should send your answer.


The first correct entry picked out of our BORIS sorting hat (it stands for Beautifully Optimised for Random and Independent Selection) for the next newsletter edition will win a £50 Amazon voucher and a measure of glory.

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