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Thie month's Power BI update includes a new logo, on-screen help and much more!
Part one of a six-part series of blogs

There are a few good changes to Power BI Desktop this month, including a better icon and splash screen, on-canvas help (albeit pitched at too low a level) and the ability to let users tweak visuals you've published.

  1. October 2020 update of Power BI Desktop (this blog)
  2. A new (and better) start-up procedure
  3. On-screen help (canvas watermarks)
  4. Personalising visuals
  5. Better recognition of Excel and JSON tables
  6. Exporting data from a Q and A visual

We've been creating our idiosyncratic monthly blogs on Power BI updates since November 2016, and also deliver online and classroom Power BI courses.

Posted by Andy Brown on 22 October 2020

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October 2020 update of Power BI Desktop

Who writes the cheesy introductions on the Microsoft update website?  Here's this month's:

"Our updates are a bucket full of spooky-good treats that you can sort and enjoy for weeks to come."

I think I'd probably just about agree with the above.  Here are the main changes introduced in the October 2020 update:

Change Notes
Start-up screens There's a new icon and new splash screen, and you can hide the annoying start-up window.
On-screen help A new feature called canvas watermarks displays on-screen help to new users.
Personalised visuals You can allow consumers of your published reports to make changes to them.
Excel and JSON tables Query Editor is now better at identifying Excel tables, and flattening JSON ones.
Exporting from Q&A visuals You can now export data from a Q&A visual.

Probably the most exciting new feature is in preview: you can manipulate Power BI reports in Hololens 2 in three dimensions, allowing you to pretend you're Tom Cruise in Minority Report.

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