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A review of our first 6 months of online training
By the end of October we will have been providing online training for 6 months. After putting off doing this for so long, we've been surprised at how well it works - and so too have our clients, it seems.

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 September 2020

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Some statistics on our first 6 months of online training

We ran our first online training course on 23rd April 2020, and now have a tried and tested system based on four pillars:

Pillar Notes
Remote desktop If you attend one of our online courses you will log on to a laptop sitting in our office.  Not only does this mean that you don't have to install any software on your computer, but it also means that we can see what everyone is doing, and answer any questions immediately (although we try not to look at people's screens unless they ask us to ...).
Teams After a brief flirtation with GotoTraining, we now use Microsoft Teams for all of our courses - and very well it works too.
Pre-course checks We make an appointment with every online course delegate to check their set-up well before the course itself, to minimise the chances of connection problems occurring on the big day.
Posting courseware We post our courseware, exercises, a pen and a USB stick to each delegate well before the course, so that we (and they) can refer to this on the day itself.

For the period up to the end of October, here are some statistics on our online training:

Statistic Result
Number of different organisations trained 51
Number of different people trained 198
Number of delegates on courses 252

Out of the 174 people who have already attended our online courses, 79 have completed our feedback form.  Here are the results (please feel to arrange an online meeting if you'd like to audit these figures, and we will be happy to show you the underlying data):

Area Score
Overall feedback 9.25 out of 10
Contents of course 9.09 out of 10
Trainer 9.52 out of 10
Online experience 9.04 out of 10

These scores are slightly lower in each case than our equivalent classroom feedback scores, showing perhaps that there's still no substitute for human contact.  Not quite, anyway. 

You can see more details about how our live online training works here.

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