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Wise Owl Andrew Gould shares photos of wildlife taken on lockdown walks
Lockdown has forced many of us to look for wildlife closer to home - Andrew Gould has been impressed at what he's been able to see, as these photos show.

Posted by Andrew Gould on 26 September 2020

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Recent photos (Andrew Gould)

It's not easy to find positives in 2020, but one of the benefits of not travelling around the UK to deliver courses is that it's given me chance to appreciate some of the wildlife sitting almost literally on my doorstep. These are my favourite subjects (if not the best photos) from the past few months.

A Eurasian sparrowhawk:

Eurasian Sparrowhawk

This garden visitor in the spring is what prompted me to dig out a camera and start taking regular walks to see what I could see.


A roe deer:

Roe deer

I usually see roe deer from quite a distance, running away from me! So it was a pleasant surprise to see this one so close and apparently unfazed by my presence.

A common buzzard:

Common buzzard:

There's something vaguely imperious-looking about this common buzzard. Not as impressive as the bearded vulture which visited the Peak District recently, however!

Bonus grey squirrel:

Grey squirrel

Andy said I could only submit three photos but this squirrel looking like it's just been caught with a paw in the cookie jar made me smile, so perhaps he'll relent? 

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