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The results of our survey on whether we should develop a Python or R course next
Many thanks to everyone who voted in our newsletter survey on whether we should train in Python or R next - the results are in!

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 September 2020

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Python versus R - the results

In last month's newsletter (August 2020) we asked whether people would be interested in a Python or R course (or both, or neither).  Here are the results!

Language Unique votes
Both 18
Python only 22
R 12
Neither 4

These results are after weeding out any multiple votes, and also adjusting for the person who voted for all four options!

In graphical terms, out of the votes cast, Python was the fairly clear winner:

Python and R votes

Unfortunately, the results are similar to the forthcoming US presidential election: that is, there wasn't a clear enough win for either side.


Many thanks for those who took part.  To be honest I'm not sure which course we are likely to develop first, or indeed when (time is always the enemy).

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13 Oct 20 at 13:32

i would have voted for Python too, unfortunatly i appear to have missed the poll!

I have a specific project coming up where i need to retreive a JSON from an online service and extract specific information and then output to a user friendly GUI using Tkinter.  This is a project that was the reason that i started to look at Python earlier this year, but then COVID hit and the project was put on hold, but hoping to restart at some point.

Other possibilities for using Python is anything data sciences driven, such as neural networks using the TensorFlow and Keras libraries.

If you really wanted to you could see if you can re-create Flappy Owl using the Tutle Graphics library! ;)

13 Oct 20 at 15:08

Those are really useful comments, thanks - it's knowing how people are using Python which is interesting.  We'd love to get Python training up and running, but it would be no small undertaking.  You never know ...

Surely it would be something like Flappy Snake?

26 Sep 20 at 17:41

Wasn't aware of the survey, I'd vote for Python only.

28 Sep 20 at 09:17

Out of interest, what would you use Python for?  This is a question for anyone reading this blog, not just the delightfully named passerby!

29 Sep 20 at 08:41

I voted for Python too - I'm not quite sure how it would apply in my current role but I see it mentioned in a lot of other roles I'm interested in, along the lines of data analytics. My mid to long-term feeling is that there will be a lot of job creation around data analytics and data science and it will become more mainstream - especially in retail.

I've just signed up for a Data Analyst apprenticeship and they teach both SQL and Python - I love the headstart I have on SQL from your courses

Andy B  
29 Sep 20 at 12:30

Thanks, Emma - that helps.  Python it is, I guess!