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Our August 2020 Newsletter Competition - painting by numbers
Someone has thoughtfully deconstructed a picture into its red, green and blue component parts - your task is to put it back together!

Posted by Andy Brown on 22 August 2020

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The August 2020 Newsletter Competition

I'm not sure I've ever enjoyed creating a puzzle quite as much as this one! 

If I get time, I'll blog on how you can use Excel VBA to pixelate images (I've a horrible suspicion I'll end up with pixelated cats in a worksheet, but maybe I'll resist the temptation ...).

So this month's puzzle workbook (you'll need to download it, but it's harmless as it doesn't contain any macros) contains four worksheets:

Four sheets

The contents of the workbook.


Some background: any colour can be expressed as a combination of red, green and blue, with each number typically running from 0 (the maximum) to 255 (the minimum).  For example, here are the two core colours used by this website, along with the RGB codes for white and black:

Colour Red Green Blue
Orange 242 132 0
Brown 99 42 0
White 255 255 255
Black 0 0 0

Your task is to create a picture on the empty Picture sheet, using the numbers in the first three worksheets. 

Red sample data

For example, the Red value of cell A1 in the final picture is 97, since this is the value in cell A1 on the Red sheet.


To enter the competition, just send an email to the following address saying who, what or where the picture represents:

Email address

You are welcome to include comments on the subject matter of the picture too, should the mood take you.


The first correct entry drawn out of the Wise Owl electronic sorting hat will win a £50 Amazon voucher, the winner being announced in our next monthly newsletter.

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