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Our July 2020 competition was won by Matthew Palmer - here are the answers!
Congratulations to Matthew Palmer for winning last month's codeword competition - here are the answers!

Posted by Andy Brown on 22 August 2020

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Answer to our July 2020 newsletter competition

The answer to last month's codeword was as follows:

Codedword from July 2020

If you thought of the word COWSLIP you were off to a good start!


The first 6 letters spell out ZEQOYM.  If you searched our website for this term, you came to a page containing this riddle:

The codeword riddle

Memories of childhood riddles?

The answer was HOLIDAY.  At least 17 people correctly worked this out (we may have inadvertently deleted a couple of entries without replying to them - apologies if this happened to you). 

The winner was Matthew Palmer of Public Health England (!), whose name was picked out of our Excellent random sorting hat (he was a worthy winner, as he sent in a picture of a desert island with his entry).  He wins a £50 Amazon voucher, perhaps to be spent on toilet rolls, self-raising flour or other lockdown essentials?

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