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Happy 5th birthday to Power BI Desktop!
Power BI Desktop went on general release on 24th July 2015. This short blog looks back nostalgically at milestones for both Power BI and Wise Owl.

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 July 2020

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Happy 5th birthday to Power BI Desktop

Here are some milestones in the life of Power BI Desktop:

Date Milestone
24th July 2015 Power BI goes on general release - you can see the announcement here, and day-of-release blogs here and here.  Sadly, I can't find any way to download the first proper version.
24th November 2016 Wise Owl run our first ever two-day Introduction to Power BI course (in London as it happens).
19th December 2016 The launch of our blog cataloguing monthly updates to Power BI.  If we'd known how much work this would involve, we might have thought twice about starting this!
18th September 2018 We run our first two-day Introduction to DAX course (in Manchester, for 4 people).
21st May 2020 Our first online course in Power BI (since followed by many others).

The first general release version of Power BI included new area chart and matrix visuals and a new data relationships view, among other changes.  Bless!

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