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Saving the best till last, have a look at Paul Eden's impressive lockdown desk
This may well be the last in our series of lockdown desks, but it's probably also the most impressive. See what you think!

Posted by Andy Brown on 28 June 2020

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One more lockdown photo ...

Saving the best till the last, here's Paul Eden's desk:

Streaming area

Paul said that this doubles as his streaming area on Twitch, although I have no idea what this means!

In case you're counting, the desk includes:

  • 2 laptops (1 hidden)
  • 2 midi towers
  • 3 monitors
  • 3 keyboards
  • 2 mice (yes, this gets awkward...)
  • 3 webcams
  • 2 microphones
  • Flight controls HOTAS with green-screened bases for chroma + rudders
  • varying hats for in-stream sillies
  • A TrackIR receiver

Oh, and the desk also doubles as an occasional leatherwork bench too ...

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