Keyboard short-cuts in SharePoint Designer 2007
You can use an add-in to assign keyboard shortcuts to macros in SharePoint Designer 2007 - this blog considers whether you should want to.

Posted by Andy Brown on 13 June 2012

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Assigning Keys to Macros in SharePoint Designer 2007

If you design web pages in SharePoint Designer 2007, and have tried to find a way to assign short-cut keys to macros, this is the blog for you!

One Way which Doesn't Work

The obvious way to assign a short-cut key to a SharePoint Designer 2007 macro is using the same method as for other MS Office applications - but it doesn't work:

Macro editing dialog box

Clicking on the Edit button shown doesn't allow you to assign a short-cut key.

A shame really - I'm curious why SharePoint Designer 2007 follows different rules ...

Another Way which Half-Works

After much searching on the Internet, I'm pretty convinced that there is only one way to solve this problem, and that's using OfficeOne ShortCut Manager.  Lest you think, gentle reader, that this is just an excuse for a plug, read on!

Customising shortcuts menu

It all looks so promising - downloading and installing the ShortCut Manager produces this extra menu option.


However, I've found the following problems with this software:

  • There is - as far as I can find - virtually no support, either from the company themselves or from other users.
  • Changing keyboard assignments (once made) seems flaky.

In case flaky seems a harsh word, consider the following message which keeps appearing:

Error message

The message which appeared just now when I pressed F4, for example.

In desperation I uninstalled the product and then reinstalled it, but I still can't successfully reassign some function keys.


The Shortcut Manager software above does seem to work if you correctly assign your shortcut keys initially, and then don't change anything.  Otherwise, accept the fact that you won't be using shortcut keys to run macros in SharePoint Designer 2007!  I hope this saves at least one other person the time I've invested in trying to solve this problem.

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