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5 things Sam has done while locked inside!
Our trainers are normally out and about across the entire UK (even Europe sometimes). So what has one of them been doing with all this extra time at home?

Posted by Sam Lowrie on 26 June 2020

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5 things I have achieved in lockdown

To say 2020 has been an unusual year would be akin to stating that the sky is blue (i.e stating the obvious).  Wait, this is 2020...can someone confirm it is still blue?

Wise Owl Lockdown

Having said that if you've never seen Tony Eadie's photos of the Cornish sky, you are missing out!

For many of us this has meant living in lockdown and therefore more time in the house; for travelling trainers even more so.

Cats Wise Owl

Certainly my cats have been confused by the whole situation and trying to explain working from home has proven ... difficult.

So with all this time around the house what have you managed? Do let me know! In the mean time here are 5 things I've achieved in lockdown.

1 - Built a virtual copy of my favourite board game

Social distancing has impacted my play time, which was slim due to travel in the first place! My solution was to recreate the entire game online:

Wise Owl Dreadball Lockdown

Dreadball is a little like a sci-fi version of basketball where each coach takes control of a team of 8 players. The game is full contact so you can win through skill (scoring) or violence (kill the opposing team).

I built this using Tabletop Simulator which lets you play over 30,000 games with your friends and family. Even better right now during lockdown it is half price on Steam (till July 9th).

2 - Baking (and eating baking)

While I enjoy cooking some fancy feast at the weekend, baking is something that often passes me by. I had plenty of time to stick things in the oven in between the barrage of Teams meetings:

Wise Owl Lockdown baking

Apple and rhubarb lattice pie made with rhubarb straight from our own back garden!


I wasn't the only one that was interested in my wife's baking however (cupcake doughnuts are amazing):

Wise Owl Baking Cats

Salem is always there to helpfully sample any food left unattended (at least Sabrina has the decency to act innocent).

3 - Learned to juggle

Anyone who has ever attended one of my courses knows my jokes are like German sausages: the Wurst. So I thought I'd expand my clown repertoire for the old CV:

Wise Owl Lockdown

I'm not saying you will lose an eye standing too close but ...


There are loads of great tutorials on YouTube which are worth checking out. My best piece of advice is t juggle in front of a blank wall, and to use real balls not gimmicky ones!

4 - Painted, painted and ... painted

One of my hobbies is collecting and painting miniatures and buildings.  This isn't something you can easily do in a hotel! I've been taking full advantage of having all my paints to hand every night.

Wise Owl Lockdown Hobbies

Barbarian hunters, sci-fi monsters, terracotta towns, turtle towers and volcanic landscapes - I've got them all.

I have moved half a dozen times and one of the great things about having a hobby is there are always groups to join. Even when I'm staying in a hotel often there are gaming cafes nearby waiting for players.

5 - Actually done some housework (sort of)

We all have that task which we keep putting off. Seriously, if I've said I will do it there is no need to remind me every 3 months.

Wise Owl Lockdown hobbies

The gate wouldn't close, the fence was falling apart and the paving stones couldn't remember what colour they were.

After some weeding, a lick of paint, the use of a pressure washer and some good old fashioned nails it looks great! Get a spray gun for painting, trust me it's worth it.

Wise Owl Hobbies

Thanks for reading and remember to stay safe out there!


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