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Our June 2020 competition: write a mini-saga containing exactly 50 words
For this month's competition we invite you to summarise your thoughts or experiences of the last three months of lockdown using exactly 50 words.

Posted by Andy Brown on 28 June 2020

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Write a mini-saga containing exactly 50 words

As the country emerges from its long lockdown, we invite you to write a mini-saga summarising what the last three months have entailed for you (or your friends, relatives or pets). This can be factual, whimsical, allegorical or surreal, but there is one catch - you must use exactly 50 words.

You must also give your mini-saga a title, which can have a maximum of 15 words (obviously these are in additional to the 50 words of the mini-saga itself). Should you want inspiration, you will find on the Internet many other people who have tried to master this art form.

Competition entries will be judged by the newsletter editor (Andy Brown) for their insight, interest and wit, and the winner announced in our next newsletter. We will also publish the best entries in this newsletter (if you would prefer to remain anonymous, let us know when you submit your mini-saga).

As is traditional, the winner of the competition will receive (in addition to the kudos conferred by an appearance in our newsletter) an Amazon voucher for fifty pounds, to be spent perhaps on a haircut or massage, or on stocking up on toilet rolls in anticipation of the next crisis.

Email to send to

The email address to which you should send your mini-sagas.

To help get you into the spirit of the competition, every paragraph above contains exactly 50 words.

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