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The answer to the word search puzzle from our May 2020 newsletter
This month's puzzle was won by Linda Waterworth, who correctly found all 44 missing Beatles' songs and identified the hidden quotation revealed by the unused letters.

Posted by Andy Brown on 28 June 2020

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Answer to May 2020 newsletter word search competition

The phrase spelt out by unused letters in the word search was:

"Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans" - John Lennon

Although the quote is attributed to John Lennon, it seems that it comes from a 1957 Reader's Digest article.  Here's the complete word search:

Complete word search

The word search with all the "words" shaded in.

The things to be found were the titles of 44 of the Beatles songs:

  1. A day in the life (*)
  2. A hard days night
  3. Across the universe
  4. All my loving
  5. All you need is love
  6. And I love her (*)
  7. Back in the USSR
  8. Blackbird
  9. Come together
  10. Eight days a week (*)
  11. Eleanor Rigby (*)
  12. From me to you
  13. Get back (*)
  14. Girl (*)
  15. Hello goodbye
  16. Helter Skelter
  17. Hey Jude
  18. I am the walrus
  19. I want to hold your hand
  20. If I fell
  21. In my life  (*)
  22. Lady Madonna
  23. Let it be
  24. Love me do
  25. Michelle
  26. Misery
  27. Norwegian wood (*)
  28. Nowhere man
  29. Paperback writer
  30. Penny Lane (*)
  31. Please please me
  32. Revolution
  33. She loves you
  34. Something
  35. Strawberry Fields Forever
  36. Taxman
  37. The End
  38. The fool on the hill (*)
  39. Things we said today (*)
  40. Tomorrow never knows
  41. Twist and shout
  42. We can work it out
  43. Yellow submarine
  44. Yesterday  (*)

I've put an asterisk next to the best ones, so you know where to start listening if you're new to this act ...

Out of 14 entries, the WISH machine (Wiseowl Independent Sorting Hat) randomly chose Linda Waterworth of the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Foundation Trust as the winner - a £50 Amazon voucher has winged its way over to her.  Better luck next time to Amanda, Catherine, Colin, Jodie, Josh, Julie, Martin, Michelle, Pam, Philip, Richard, Simon and Stephen.

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