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Changes for the June 2020 update of Power BI Desktop
Part six of a six-part series of blogs

This month's update doesn't include many changes - the biggest being probably the emergence of the hierarchical slicer from preview.

  1. Power BI June 2020 update - summary of new features
  2. Hierarchical slicers
  3. Much-improved mobile report designer
  4. Individual dots on line charts
  5. Automatic refresh
  6. AI insights in Query Editor (this blog)

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Posted by Andy Brown on 28 June 2020

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AI insights in Query Editor

Is this feature the thin end of the wedge?  It's only available, it seems, to Power BI Premium users:

Power BI Premium message

The message you get when you try to use AI analytics in Power BI Pro.

The new AI tools use huge amounts of processing power and memory, and I suspect that the reason they are only available to Power BI Premium users is that Microsoft want to avoid their servers seizing up, and so devolve the processing to corporate servers running Power BI Premium.  It's still annoying though!

Accessing the AI Insight tools

You can get at the AI insight tools in Query Editor:

Query Editor AI insight tools

The AI insight tools in Query Editor.

For those with less keen eyes, here they are again, but bigger:

The AI insight tools

The current 3 AI insight tools (text tools allow you to extract key phrases or analyse sentiment; vision tools allow you to tag images).


The above tools use Microsoft's Cognitive Services (a web service from Microsoft which any developers can use on payment of a fee).

Configuring your capacity

If you are lucky enough to have Power BI Premium, you will need to enable AI insight tools and decide how much of your processing power and memory you allocate to running the AI algorithms, as explained here.

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