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Finding beauty in (and explaining) cryptic crossword clues
Part nine of a nine-part series of blogs

Cryptic crossword clues can be ingenious and witty, as this blog tries to explain. The blog tries to convey this owl's passion for the genre, but also to give a mini-tutorial on how cryptic crosswords clues are constructed.

  1. Finding beauty in (and explaining) cryptic crossword clues
  2. Anagrams
  3. Construction clues
  4. Cryptic definitions
  5. Double meaning clues
  6. Lit clues
  7. Hidden clues
  8. Soundalike clues
  9. The overall winner (this blog)

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 May 2020

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The overall winner

Here are my winners in each category:

Type of clue Clue Answer
Anagram Travelling up mountain track, perhaps (11,4) Punctuation mark
Construction Woke in seaside resort, topless (5-2) Right-on
Cryptic definition Concluding part of Gettysburg address? (3,4) Zip code
Double definition Hand over drugs? (8) Straight
&Lit Cannot give decisions suffering this? (9,10) Cognitive dissonance
Hidden clues What's contained in chemical it must establish? (6,4) Litmus test
Soundalike Sound of discharging weapon (3) Uzi

It's really hard to choose a winner, as they're all such good clues!  So I'm going to give a three-way tie for the best Times cryptic crossword clues of the last 30 months to Punctuation mark, Right-on and Cognitive dissonance, all of which are perfect clues.

Excellent though the above clues are, I don't think any of them are as good as the top two entries from my previous blog.

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