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The winner of our April 2020 newsletter competition (and the answer)
Our April 2020 word search competition was won by Pam Politis - if you came unstuck, this blog reveals the answer!

Posted by Andy Brown on 25 May 2020

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Answers to the April 2020 newsletter competition

Last month we asked you to solve a word search, and spell out a quotation with the unused letters. 

Word search

The word search contained the names of the 48 European countries.

The unused letters spelt out this quotation from The Day of the Triffids (my favourite book):

"And we danced on the brink of an unknown future to an echo from a vanished past".  J Wyndham.

Lockdown produced a bumper response of 25 correct answers, many of whom said how much they enjoyed the puzzle.  The first entry drawn randomly out of the electronic hat was Pam Politis - she wins this month's £50 Amazon voucher! 

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