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More snapshots of life during lockdown - working from home
Following last month's reveal of what Wise Owl nests look like during lockdown, here are three more snapshots of home life from clients and suppliers.

Posted by Andy Brown on 25 May 2020

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A snapshot of lockdown Britain: people's home desks

After showing photos of the Wise Owl nests in the April 2020 issue of our newsletter, here are 3 other home environments to inspect ...

First up, Simon Ranson:

Simon Ranson desk

"Shortly after the picture was taken, the laptop ended up on the floor because Squeak (one of our Bengals) charged into the cables dangling from it and dragged it off the desk."

Next, Dave Robinson of Richardson Research:

Dave Robinson office

"You will see  from the picture that I finally got around to making the Airfix kits that people have given me as birthday presents over the last 25 years (!)". 

And finally, our own Karen Webber's home office, now the hub of Goodness Marketing:

Karen Webber home office

"My home office is now a shared space with the husband and a constant presence of homeschooling worksheets and Lego!".

Thanks to everyone for sharing, and it's not too late to send in your own photos! 

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