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30 years in business
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You can now book and pay for places online!
We've finally got an online booking and payment system to match the quality of our training, as this blog explains.

Posted by Andy Brown on 28 April 2020

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New booking and payment system

When you book a place on a Wise Owl course online (whether classroom or online) there is now - finally - a booking system to match the quality of our training.

Booking one or more people on a course

When you've found the course you want, choose to book places on it:

Starting a payment

When you click on any button to book a course place, you'll be asked to sign in.


Creating an account takes seconds (assuming you don't already have one):

Creating an account

Click on the button to sign in, if you haven't already done so.

You'll then see a summary of the course you've chosen to book onto:

Choosing your course

You can click on the link to change the course or dates if you like.

The system will fill in your details for all but the first booking you place:

Booker details

Here I've ticked the box to say I'll be attending the course, although I seem to have changed my surname too.

You can then book more people onto the course:

Adding delegates

You can add as many delegates as there are spaces left on the course.

One of the nicest features of the new system is that if you've previously booked someone onto a Wise Owl course you can choose their name from a list, without needing to type their details in again:

Choosing existing delegate

If you've booked Donald onto another course previously, you won't have to type in his name and email address again.


Finally you can type in additional notes in, then add your booking to your basket:

Adding booking to basket

Click on the button to save this booking.

Checking out your basket

At any time you can see how many bookings you have in your basket:

Bookings in basket

Here I've got 3 bookings I'm waiting to check out.

You can choose to keep some bookings on ice while you check out others:

Excluding a booking

You can tick or untick the box shown to include or exclude a booking.

When you check out your bookings, you'll see a summary of what you've ordered:

Summary of order

You can give your VAT details and confirm that you accept our terms and conditions.

There are three ways that you can pay for bookings:

Payment options

You can pay (finally!) by credit card at the time of booking, by PayPal or (depending on status) by invoice after a course takes place.

We really hope you like the new booking system, and would love to hear what you think about it!

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