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This month's puzzle - a word search to pass the time away in lockdown!
For this month's competition, we're asking you to complete a word search and let us know where the quotation spelt out by the unused letters comes from. As always, a 50 pound Amazon voucher will go to the first correct entry drawn out of the Wise Owl electronic sorting hat.

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Posted by Andy Brown on 28 April 2020

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April 2020 newsletter competition - word search

For this month's competition, find the 48 related items in the following word search (they form a set):

Word search grid

If you can't print this, you could always download this Excel file instead to solve the word search on your computer.

Should you want, you can use this version which includes an Excel macro to help you colour in each word:

Macro version

If you think you've found a word, you can click on the button to try entering it in.

Whichever version you choose, the unused letters should spell out a quotation relevant to our times, together with the author (reading from left to right, and top to bottom).

To enter this month's competition send the title of the book from which the quotation comes to this email address:

Email address for answer

The first correct answer drawn out of the Wise Owl randomised sorting hat will win a £50 Amazon voucher.


You can see the winner of last month's competition - together with the correct answer - here.

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