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Last month we asked you to draw a picture - see the answer and winner here!
Last month's puzzle was won by Paul Silvester of North-East Lincolnshire Council, one of 5 people who correctly drew the picture of a downhill skier.

Posted by Andy Brown on 28 April 2020

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Answers to (and winner of) the March 2020 competition

In March we asked you to shade in squares to draw a picture, and email what the picture represented.  Here's what you should have ended up with:

Ski-jumping picture

Suggestions included a surfing worm, a ski-jumping newt and an owl on a branch (can't see that one myself), but it is of course ... a downhill skier.


Out of the 5 entries in the electronic sorting hat (Emily, Paul, Richard, Stephen and Victoria) it was Paul Silvester of North-East Lincolnshire Council who was randomly sorted to the top of the pile, and who wins this month's £50 Amazon voucher.

I take great pains to ensure that the sorting process IS random: every correct answer has an equal chance of winning!

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