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The mighty MapBox visual for Power BI
Part one of a five-part series of blogs

Marie Woltman is a Power BI guru whose maps we often reference on our courses. In this blog she explains why MapBox is her preferred mapping tool, and shows how to use it to create custom styles and layers.

  1. The mighty MapBox visual for Power BI (this blog)
  2. Why use Mapbox?
  3. Getting started with MapBox
  4. Custom background map styles
  5. Conclusion and examples of Mapbox maps

Posted by Marie Woltman on 27 April 2020

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The mighty MapBox visual for Power BI

Are you interested in using maps in Power BI? Have you checked out Mapbox yet? Maybe you have but couldn't get it to work? Here's the lowdown on how this great app can enhance geographic data you might be using.

I'm Marie Woltman - a local government data analyst who's become one of the go-to people at Devon County Council for all things Power BI related. I'm also a part time Power BI Consultant with my own consultancy Visual Data Matters (you can see examples of my work on the last page of this blog).

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