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This blog contains useful tips on setting up your microphone, screen and audio, allowing you to get the best out of your online training course!

Posted by Sam Lowrie on 14 April 2020

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Online training FAQ

Here is a collection of questions, problems and solutions regarding our online training courses.

1. What training software do you use?

At Wise Owl we want our delegates to get the full benefit of our training even when they can't be there in person. To this end we use GoToTraining for our online software.

GoTo Training Live Owl Training

GotoTraining includes a chat facility, full microphone and webcam control, and it allows file and screen sharing.

There are 3 flavours to choose from: mobile app, desktop application and (our personal recommendation) the web browser.

2. What do I need to attend a course?

To attend our course you will need a computer with an internet connection - that's it.

For the best experience possible we strongly recommend that you also have a second screen (TV will do), a separate headset and a quiet working space.

Here's a typical set-up (the Tam O'Shanter hat is optional):

GoTo Training

A comfy desk near an Ethernet port (or without many barriers to the router) is good also.

Since we use Remote Desktop for our training, all of the course files will be available to you for use, along with the correct version of the necessary software.

3. How good does my computer need to be?

Not that good!  All that you will need to run is GoToTraining in your browser and Remote Desktop.

GoTo Training

For system requirements for the desktop and mobile app versions of GotoTraining check out this website.

If you're running Windows you almost certainly have Remote Desktop already installed, and if you do then you computer already meets our requirements! If not:

GoTo Training

The hardware requirements will be the same as the chosen operating system. For a more in depth breakdown check out here.

If you decide to forgo using Remote Desktop and install each programme separately, you can go to the Microsoft website and look up the product here.

4. Troubleshooting audio problems

First check that your computer is registering your audio output device via the laptop, headphones or screen:

Speaker icon

Oops! I've muted my sound - that isn't ideal.


Right-click the speaker icon and choose to open sound settings.

GoTo Training

Drag the slider and the muted icon will change to show the speaker without an x next to it.

If this doesn't fix the problem it could be because your external screen doesn't have any speakers, but Windows thinks it does.

GoTo Training audio troube shooting

TV screens don't have this problem, but often external screens won't have speakers. In sound options swap your output device to the speakers/headphones of the laptop.

The issue could be also caused by your browser.  Try right clicking on the tab of the browser GoToTrainng is open in:

GoTo Training Troubleshoot Sound

Here Chrome has muted the site, which will cause problems. This was caused by my having two GoTo classrooms open at the same time.

GoToTraining may have also been muted as a website in your browser's permissions.

GoTo Training

The easiest way to unmute is to look for an icon of a speaker to the right of the URL address bar. Click on the icon and choose to allow sound.

Alternatively open your browsers' settings and look for site permissions. This may look slightly different to the screen shot below, but in general look for sound or for GoToTraining.

GoTo Training sound

Either I missed a pop-up, clicked by mistake or have my browser settings to default to muted. Whatever the reason, I need to click the ... and choose Allow.

If none of these settings works either use a separate set of headphones or check out Microsoft's audio help.

This is why we do a pre-course test meeting, in which your Wise Owl trainer checks your set-up a few days before a course is due to begin.

5. Troubleshooting display problems

Setting up 2 or even 3 monitors shouldn't be a hard task. The first thing to decide is how you want the second monitor to act. Hold down the Windows key (it's usually the one below the Z key) and hit P:

GoTo Training Wise Owl Online Display

Duplicate will show the same image on both screens. Extend will treat the second screen as more real estate for the original screen (this is handy, as it allows you to make use of a bigger screen).

Use the arrow keys or mouse to select the option you want. To change things like resolution right-click on your Desktop background to see a menu similar to this:

GoTo Training Online dual display settings

Select Display settings (this can also be found by pressing the Windows key and typing in Display).

From here you can indicate which screen is the primary screen. The primary screen is the one in which new windows and applications will launch.

Multi Screens settigns

Moving the screens around will indicate which way you move your mouse to reach the other screen. Here I'll move my mouse to the left to move onto the second screen.

There is also the option here for choosing how the two screens interact:

Multiple displays option

Something to consider is screen resolution.  If your two screens have different resolution this can cause distortion, slight visual glitches when moving between them and (personally) sometimes a headache.

The little hassle of setting up a second screen is really worth it, since it gives extra space for your applications. For extra troubleshooting look here.

6. Troubleshooting microphone problems

All of our courses require a microphone (unlike the optional additional screen and webcam, which are - just about - optional). Hit the Windows key (again, this is usually the one below the Z) and search for Sound settings:

GoTo Training Microphone settings

At the bottom of the page is a dropdown to choose the input device.  Often the default will be the built-in microphone. Hit Device properties and check that Disable is not ticked.

Next check that the browser hasn't blocked the microphone.  Look out for this little icon:

GoTo Training unmute microphone

If this doesn't work click Manage which lists all the website permissions you've granted. From here make sure GoToTraining isn't blocked.

Once you've joined a classroom there is another opportunity for selecting the microphone to use:

GoTo Training Wise Owl Training Audio

There is a small chance that brushing over the touchpad or moving the mouse has scrolled the list. It is possible to choose a speaker as a microphone (which for obvious reasons won't work).

Once you join the class you will often start off muted. This prevents your accidentally broadcasting something you don't want to!

GoTo Training Wise Owl Training

Click the red microphone to unmute the microphone, green for go! On occasion you won't be able to unmute as the trainer has muted everyone.

Finally under the cog there is the option to change the audio device if it isn't working.

GoTo Training

Use the dropdown to switch until you've got the correct microphone selected.

Still having problems? Click here to go to Microsoft's trouble-shooting page.

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