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The Wise Owls have new home offices (with some better than others ...)
The Coronavirus crisis has made the Wise Owls flee to their home nests - but as this blog shows, some nests are better prepared than others.

Posted by Sam Lowrie on 07 April 2020

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The Wise Owls have new offices!

These are strange times and we have scattered to the four winds .... of Manchester. Home offices can be a struggle - mainly because we hadn't prepared for this!

Wise Owl Home office

If I say it was staged for the photo ... would you believe me?


Instead I found my kitchen table had been cleared by my wife to block out a baby blanket she had finished. For no particular reason I'm going to rate everyone's desks, starting with my own:

Wise Owl locked inside

Not a bad spot, daylight, kettle and plenty of space. The only problem is invaders (and I don't mean Nessie) - my cats Salem and Sabrina keep trying to sleep on the laptop!

Adding some serious class to the Wise Owl nests is Rachel's set up:

Wise Owl Online Training Coronovirus

It looks like some Victorian writing desk; even the chair is fancy. Good light and plenty of space - I'd work there.


Next up is Matt who has gone down the double computer route, and like me is working at a dining room table:

Wise Owl at home

Plenty of light and what looks like a set of doors for quick access outside. Those who read Matt's previous blog will know about his monster dog which is keeping him company.

Andrew's is our first actual office (ignoring my messy one), and has some nice extras hidden in the photo.

Wise Owl Office at home

Plenty of light and room lends to a sense of purpose. Also love the casual flex of having Dark Souls 2 on display.


From possibly the best (potential spoiler to the rankings) to maybe the worst (sorry Shaun):

Wise Owl Office at home

Shaun has a family of 5 so there is no spare space at any point. He doesn't even have a table so is sitting on the floor to check his emails!

Andy's desk gets a bit of slack, since they have just moved house and are getting some renovation done:

Wise Owl Office

Hard to tell, but it looks quite dark and potentially cramped if this is a photo of the entire table. Very grey scale (the most colour is coming from the mouse!).


My favourite so far is Dave, who has given up the pretence of being in an office situation:

Office Wise Owl At Home

How long before we all descend to this level, in our boxers(*) on the sofa with the TV on?

Finally we have an honourable mention for Jenny who sadly is having to hold the fort down in a freezing empty office:

Wise Owl Office

Sorry Jenny but you can't win the best home office if you are in the actual office!


So who do you think won? I'm going to have to give it to Andrew for comfort, space, light, fitness-for-purpose, Dark Souls and double-screening it (not to mention no cats or kids):

Wise Owl home office

Send a picture of your home office and we'll publish it in a separate blog next month!

Good luck and stay safe!

(*) Disclaimer I have no idea if Dave is in his boxers in this photo. I don't even know if he wears boxers.

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28 Apr 20 at 18:32

It's true that I don't own a cat but I did once find one sitting on the windowsill in that very room!

25 May 20 at 10:33

Love the self-referential post on one of our own blogs!