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The March 2020 update to Power BI desktop is a full one, as this blog shows!
Part one of a eleven-part series of blogs

New goodies in this month's update include the roll-out (sort of) of the new ribbon, new actions for buttons, multi-column sorting and a second axis for line charts.

  1. The March 2020 Power BI Desktop Update (this blog)
  2. The new ribbon is live (sort of)
  3. Page navigation buttons
  4. Drill-through navigation buttons
  5. Multi-column sorting
  6. Searching in the filter pane
  7. Line charts can now have a dual axis
  8. The new DAX COALESCE function
  9. Changes to ArcGIS
  10. Query Diagnostics
  11. Generating embed codes is now turned off by default

For a cumulative list of all of the updates to Power BI Desktop in the last few years see this blog, or have a look at the Power BI courses that we run.

Posted by Andy Brown on 14 March 2020

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The March 2020 Power BI Desktop Update

After a couple of very quiet months, this is a big update!  As always, this blog covers the changes introduced by this month's update as they will affect the majority of the delegates on our Power BI courses.  These are:

Change Details
The new ribbon is live-ish The new Power BI ribbon is still officially in preview, but it's now turned on by default.  Since this will affect most users of Power BI, I've decided to cover it now.
Navigating to pages There's a new button action which makes it easier to go to a particular page, without using bookmarks.
Drill-through action Rather than having to right-click to drill through to see data, you can now configure an action button to do this.
Multi-column sort You can now sort data by more than one column (for example, by year and within that by region).
Searching filters There's a new feature allowing you to search for filters that you've created for a visual, page or report.
Second axis for line charts You can now create - and format independently - a second axis for a line chart.
DAX COALESCE function In the interests of completion ... there is a new DAX function called COALESCE to pick out the first non-blank value in a list.
ArcGIS updates There are a few improvements to how ArcGIS visuals work, although most of them are only available to paid subscribers.
Query diagnostics You can now run diagnostics to pinpoint where data is taking a long time to refresh, although the results aren't easy to interpret.
Protecting embed codes You can only now generate embed codes for a report if your Power BI administrator has given you the say-so.

There's nothing particularly exciting waiting in preview this month - other than the new ribbon, which I've covered above - so I've limited myself to real changes rather than hypothetical ones in the future.

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