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Seven apps to make my life run smoothly
In this blog, Shaun explains the 7 apps he uses most often to manage his work and home life.

Posted by Shaun Wantling on 12 March 2020

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7 apps that make my life run smoothly

My mobile phone is full of apps for doing almost everything, but I seem to use only a handful. Those that I do use certainly make my life run a lot smoother.  These are the seven I can't live without!

Salford City Leisure app

My gym app allows me to book my spin, Hiit and Pilates classes up to a week in advance. It's always hard when you spend a lot of time away from home to keep up with your gym sessions, and sadly I can't just turn up to a class without booking.

The app gives me access to over ten different leisure centres in my local area, so there's always plenty to choose from.

Words with Friends

The only game app on my phone is also the most used app on my phone. It makes my life run smoothly because it's a great way to de-stress while still challenging the mind.

Words with Friends

The app that I spend the most time on!


I've been playing the game with friends and family for around four years, and I've got a bit of a reputation for being hard to beat!

Are you on Words with Friends? Challenge me! My handle is PASuprise.

Garmin Connect

This app connects to my watch and basically logs everything I do. Participating in triathlons requires a lot of training and being able to see how I'm progressing over a period allows me to change my training to suit.

Garmin Connect app.

I use Garmin Connect to help me optimise my training.


The sleep-tracking functionality helps me ensure I'm getting enough of the right sleep to be at my best on training days.

Google Calendar

My lifestyle as a trainer is a hectic one, and it's really important that I keep all my appointments and remember special dates. It's easy to forget about an anniversary or dentist appointment when you spend your time thinking two to three weeks in advance for work.

BBC Weather

I'm a lover of the great outdoors and enjoy running whenever I can, but I admit I'm a fair-weather runner. I often check the weather for the various locations where I train to see if I'm going to be able to get a run in or if I need to find some other sport to do because it's raining!

Weather forecast showing rain.

Not great running weather for me!

Google Maps

As one of the few Wise Owl trainers who love to drive, I spend a lot of time planning routes to avoid traffic or congestion (not easy when you cover a lot of miles!). I also like to use the street view function on Google Maps to plan runs when I'm running an onsite training course.


Being a very forgetful person, I often find myself recalling that I needed to do something or remember something but can't for the life of me remember what it was?! Maybe a sign of getting older...

Thankfully I have an app on my phone's home screen that allows me to make quick notes. Because it's on my home screen, I see it every time I unlock my phone, and so far it's helped me remember things I know I would have forgotten otherwise.

So, despite being a techy sort of person, my top apps are not amazing ones that let me do amazing things - but the ones I listed here I don't want to live without!

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