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The February 2020 update only contains one big change - incremental refresh
Part three of a three-part series of blogs

The February 2020 Power BI update only really introduces one new feature - the ability to partition your data so that Power BI only needs to refresh the most recent changes.

  1. Power BI - February 2020 updates
  2. Incremental Refresh
  3. Things waiting in preview (this blog)

For a cumulative list of all of the updates to Power BI Desktop in the last few years see this blog, or have a look at the Power BI courses that we run.

Posted by Andy Brown on 29 February 2020

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Things waiting in preview

I wouldn't normally cover Power BI features waiting in preview, but there's nothing else to say this month!

Two features in preview

These two (ticked) features are the most exciting ones waiting in preview. The hierarchy slicer is a new announcement, and the ribbon has undergone major changes.

The new ribbon

I don't think this will change anyone's life, although the options seem more sensibly allocated to tabs.  Here's the Home tab:

Home tab

The new Home tab.

Here's the new Insert tab:

The new Insert tab

The new Insert tab.


The new Modeling tab:

The Modeling tab

This is probably the tab which has changed the most.

And the new View tab:

The View tab

This tab is much better organised.

Hierarchical slicers

These allow you to add more than one field to a slicer:

Multi-field slicers

This slicer allows you to choose by region, town or centre.


You can then choose any level of the hierarchy:

Levels of hierarchy

You can choose to show data for chosen regions, towns or centres.


If you're wondering what a horizontal hierarchical slicer would look like, so was I!  It appears that the Orientation property isn't available for a hierarchical slicer.

  1. Power BI - February 2020 updates
  2. Incremental Refresh
  3. Things waiting in preview (this blog)
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