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Answers to and the winner of our January newsletter competition
There were only 6 correct answers to our January 2020 newsletter competition - this blog shows the completed phrases, and reveals the name of our competition winner!

Posted by Andy Brown on 06 February 2020

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Winner of our January newsletter competition, and answers

Congratulations to Jon O'Neill of Agora who won this month's competition (there were only 6 entries: David, David, Jon, Paul, Simon and Suzanne).  Jon will receive this month's £50 Amazon voucher.

The answers were as follows:

Number Letter pattern Clue Answer
One*-N I- T-- --L-R -Y--EMHot and shinySUN IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM
Two--R-L* --VE-Part of a larger Christmas presentTURTLE DOVES
Three-E* I- - -O-TMessing about on the riverMEN IN A BOAT
Four--*D--G- --D - -U---A-"I hadn't noticed"WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL
FiveS-A-* M---E -IL-SA series of parodiesSCARY MOVIE FILMS
Six-I--- I- - H----*NWhat every self-respecting bee knowsSIDES IN A HEXAGON
SevenA--M-- N*---R -F ---R-GE-N(o help given)ATOMIC NUMBER OF NITROGEN
Eight-E-- -N - ---D-*See the website for this one LEGS ON A SPIDER
Nine--TT--S I- - --U*---W- -O-U--R--Da-da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da-da, ,da-da, da-da, dum-dum-dumLETTERS IN A COUNTDOWN CONUNDRUM
Ten---T-L*- -N - ---L--G AL-E-Strike this question SKITTLES IN A BOWLING ALLEY
ElevenNE*-S- -PH--E M-D--Overpriced and over here? NEWEST IPHONE MODEL
Twelve-N-R* M--A classic ANGRY MEN
Thirteen--K*-- -O--NTriskaidekaphobics look away BAKER'S DOZEN
Fourteen--U-DS I- * -T-N-One for the older reader, perhaps POUNDS IN A STONE
Fifteen---Y-*- -N - -U--- -N--N T-A-Go South Africa! PLAYERS IN A RUGBY UNION TEAM
Sixteen--E -- -O-*--TAs of 2001, whatever bag you're into AGE OF CONSENT
Twenty--C-S -- -- -C-S--E-*-NOne for the mathematicians FACES OF AN ICOSAHEDRON
22-L--*R- -- - -O-T---L -I-C-At least at the start, anyway PLAYERS ON A FOOTBALL PITCH
25L-*T A--U- B- A---EAlthough apparently there's a new one coming in 2020 LAST ALBUM BY ADELE
28-*UN---E- -- -H- ---O--A- -N-O-Until the end of January, anyway COUNTRIES IN THE EUROPEAN UNION
31-A-- -- -U*-And in 6 other simliar periods DAYS IN JULY
40R*-- -E---N- -N--V---A--One would be paper RUBY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY
280---I--M --A-A-*E-S -N - -W--TUsed to be only half this numberMAXIMUM CHARACTERS IN A TWEET
500-I--S -AL--D -- -H- --O--A*-E--Scottish dirgeMILES WALKED BY THE PROCLAIMERS
86400-E-*N-- -N - -A-Don't waste too many of these on this clueSECONDS IN A DAY
1048567-A--M-- --W- -* -N ---E- -O---H--TOne for geeksMAXIMUM ROWS IN AN EXCEL WORKSHEET

The marked letters (shown in red above) spell out (with apologies for the lack of an apostrophe): 


It was really hard pitching this at the right level - apologies if it was a bit on the difficult side!

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