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Our January 2020 newsletter competition asks you to complete the missing letters
Somebody has missed out some of the letters in a series of phrases. Fill in the letters to spell out a hidden instruction!

Posted by Andy Brown on 10 January 2020

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January 2020 Newsletter Competition

Somebody has thoughtlessly missed out some of the letters in this workbook (which you'll need to download to do this competition):

Example clues

A couple of example clues - the first should be 26 LETTERS IN THE ALPHABET, and the second should be 52 CARDS IN A PACK.

Can you fill in the other 26?  The letters shown by the * symbol will spell out an instruction when read from top to bottom:

Missing letters quiz

You'll find this much easier to do from the Excel worksheet.

To enter this month's competition simply follow the instruction spelt out by the asterisks, sending your answers to the email address below:

Newsletter email

The first valid answer drawn out of the randomised electronic Wise Owl hat will win a £50 Amazon voucher.


For this month only we will accept team entries, in which case instead of sending a voucher to the person who sends the entry we will instead post a sharable box of goodies of at least equivalent value to a designated team representative!

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