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A preview of what the feature to customise themes within Power BI will look like
Power BI is getting a built-in facility to edit themes, although it is currently still in preview. This blog shows what you can expect.

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 December 2019

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Power BI Custom Theme Creator - a Preview

If you want to customise your Power BI theme (which you should do), you'll soon be able to do this without creating a JSON file.  This feature is currently still in preview, so you'll need to enable it:

Customise current theme option

Tick the preview option Customize current theme to enable this feature.

You can then choose to customise your current theme:

Customising themes

Choose the option shown from the Home tab of the ribbon to customise what your current theme looks like.


You'll be able to choose your theme colours:

Choosing theme colours

You will be able to choose normal, Sentiment and Divergent colours.

You'll be able to set general colour rules:

Colour rules

This only works if you know which parts of a visual belong to which family of colours.

You'll be able to set default formatting for text:

Text formatting

The categories are a bit peculiar here, but maybe they'll be tidied up in the final version.

You'll be able to set the default appearance of some aspects of visuals:

Default visual appearances

What you won't be able to do - at least, not in the first release of this feature - is set visual-specific defaults (for example, that you want pie chart legends only to be centre justified along the bottom of a chart).

You'll be able to set default page background colours and wallpaper images:

Wallpaper defaults

You won't, it seems, be able to set a default background image - at least, not yet.

Finally, you'll be able to set the default appearance of the filter pane:

Filter pane formatting

Options for customising the default appearance of the filter pane.

I've been suggesting for months now that Microsoft should create a built-in theme editor, but to me this doesn't yet go far enough to obviate the need for learning how to create themes using a JSON editor.  It's certainly a good step in the right direction, though!

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