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A new Power BI ribbon is waiting in the wings!
Microsoft have announced a new preview version of Power BI ribbon - this blogs shows what it will look like.

Posted by Andy Brown on 25 November 2019

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The new Power BI ribbon waiting in preview

So in the November Power BI update Microsoft are previewing a new ribbon.  Is this a radical change?  Initially I thought perhaps it was, but when you look at the before and after screen shots below you'll see that while the tools in the toolbox are no longer in the same drawers, they still all do the same things.

The HOME tab 

So here's what part of the Home tab of the main Power BI ribbon looks like as things stand, before the new ribbon:

The current ribbon

The current Power BI ribbon.

And here's what the proposed new Home tab will look like:

The new ribbon

The new Home tab of the ribbon (or most of it, anyway).

The New visual icon shown above seems to add a column chart by default.

The new INSERT tab 

This enitrely new tab looks like this in preview:

New Insert tab

The new Insert tab of the ribbon.


It seems sensible that all of the insertion options should be on the same ribbon tab, so a definite thumbs-up for this tab.


The current ("old") Modeling tab looks like this:

The old Modeling tab

Part of the old Modeling tab of the ribbon.

Here's what the proposed new Modeling tab will look like: 

The new Modeling tab

The new version of the tab is more logically organised.

The VIEW tab 

The current View tab of Power BI looks like this:

The old view tab

Microsoft have tended to add a new tick box for every new feature introduced.

The new tab makes everything easier to find:

The new View tab

It's much easier to see what you're choosing to view now.

The FILE menu 

Finally, here are the old and proposed new File menus: 

Old File tab New file menu
Old File menu New File menu

This seems a strange change - the new menu looks more old-fashioned than the old one (and uses the old black background of Power BI, which was removed in the June 2019 update). 


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