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We're getting two new kittens next week, but have no idea what to call them!
Can anyone think of good names for our two new kittens? It was easier thinking of names for children!

Posted by Andy Brown on 25 November 2019

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What shall we call our new kittens?

We (Jenny and I) take delivery of the following new additions to our household next week:

Two kittens

? and ? shown standing on a box.

But ... what to call them?  The black and white one on the left is male, the one on the right female.  Ideas so far include:

  • Parnsip and Sprout
  • Charlie and Lola
  • Hal and Annie (you have to have seen The Parent Trap for this one)

Any better suggestions, anyone?  No prize this time, but you will earn our eternal gratitude if you can break the family kitten-naming logjam.

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