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30 years in business
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We attended our first proper exhibition in June 2019, as these pictures attest.

Posted by Andy Brown on 14 August 2019

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Our first proper exhibition!

We finally bit the bullet (and the chequebook) and attended our first proper exhibition in June - the Public Sector Services Expo in the Excel centre in London.  For anyone who has ever wondered what exhibiting at these events involves, you start with an empty hall:

Empty hall

The Excel Centre expo hall before most people had set up their stands.


You then add a willing worker or two:

Wise Owl

Sam, in compulsory yellow gilet (he's not protesting, despite appearances).


In no time at all, you have a fully-fledged stand:

Wise Owl stand

The final stand, ready to be visited.


Not everyone made it - this was one forlorn stand on day two of the exhibition:

Empty stand

I've cropped the company name to preserve anonymity!


Jenny, Sam and I enjoyed the exhibition, but footfall was a bit disappointing (everyone kept saying that it was lower than that for previous years).  However, we've definitely caught the exhibition bug - time now to decide where to visit next ...

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