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Wise Owl Training have joined Manchester Digital
Wise Owl have joined the Manchester Digital network, promoting digital and tech businesses in the North-West.

Posted by Karen Webber on 08 August 2019

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Wise Owl joins Manchester Digital

Wise Owl Training have become a member of Manchester Digital, the independent trade association for digital and technology businesses in the North West of England.

Manchester Digital

The ever-so-slightly geeky Manchester Digital logo!

We are proud to be a part of this thriving industry in Greater Manchester, and look forward to connecting with other businesses like ours - which Manchester Digital describes as "the region's most progressive digital and technology businesses".

About Manchester Digital

Manchester Digital have been around almost as long as we have (we started in 1992, Manchester Digital in 2001), and the body represents a range of businesses across the North. We are particularly interested in working with Manchester Digital to help support and speed up the growth of the digital and tech industry in our region, as well as ensuring national representation of our businesses in the north.

You can also find details of some of our Barlow House training courses on the Manchester Digital website, along with lots of other events put on by the membership.

Discount to MD members for room hire

We are happy to extend a 10% discount on hire of our well-equipped training venue to other Manchester Digital members, and we look forward to meeting many of you soon! As a tech business that has operated in Manchester for the best part of three decades, it is high time Wise Owl Training formalised our involvement in the region. We are excited about the prospect of partnering with Manchester Digital to help support its initiatives and increase our network.

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