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Changes introduced in the June 2019 Power BI update
Part four of a seven-part series of blogs

Although there aren't many changes this month, the ones that there are of unusually high quality. The new look to Power BI is welcome (even if it does mean we have to rewrite all of our courseware), and we're looking forward to using the new conditional formatting options and visual header tooltips.

  1. Changes introduced in the June 2019 Power BI update
  2. A new look-and-feel (sob!)
  3. More conditional formats / expression-bound formatting
  4. It is now possible to filter slicers themselves (this blog)
  5. Visual header tooltips
  6. Assorted other minor changes
  7. Features waiting in preview

For a cumulative list of all of the updates to Power BI Desktop in the last few years see this blog, or have a look at the Power BI courses that we run.

Posted by Andy Brown on 14 June 2019

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It is now possible to filter slicers themselves

We all know that slicers allow you to filter other visuals on a page, but sometimes you might want to filter the slicer itself.  Now you can do this:

Region slicer Filter for slicer
This slicer has been filtered ... ... to hide the North-West region

Note that the filtering you set only applies to the slicer:

Filtering only for slicer

When you "select all" it removes any slicer choices, so you see all of the towns in the bar chart (including Manchester and Liverpool, which definitely belong to the North-West region, even though this region isn't one of the options in the slicer).

Here's an example of how you could use filtered slicers:

Top 5 regions Top 5 filter
This slicer is showing ... ... the 5 regions with the most sales.

I'll end this with a shaming confession: I didn't actually realise that you couldn't filter slicers before this update!

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