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A new booking system for Wise Owl public courses!
We've introduced a new online booking system for our public course places, although only 50% of people (chosen at random) will see it. This blog explains the reasoning behind the new system, and the benefits it offers.

Posted by Andy Brown on 09 May 2019

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A new booking system for Wise Owl course places

If you should book a place on one of our courses online, there is a 50% chance that you will get to use our new booking system:

Booking a new place

Click on a button like this next to one of our public courses and you may be taken to the screen below.

We're doing a primitive form of something website gurus call A/B testing, whereby different website users see different results, chosen at random:

New booking form

About half of people clicking to book a place on a course will see a form like this, whereby they can enter all of their details.

The new website has three main benefits:

Benefit Notes
Confidence The old system uses free-format text boxes; the new one is designed to give people more confidence that their booking really will be entered into our system.
Payment The new system allows purchasers of course places to pay online by card (although companies in the UK can still choose to pay by invoice after the course if they prefer).
Private clients We are intending to let existing clients book their own course places more easily in the future, by logging on and then choosing which employees should attend which courses.

If you find yourself using our new booking system, we'd love to know what you think!

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