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The April 2019 update to Power BI has many good features, as this blog explains
Part one of a nine-part series of blogs

The April 2019 update to Power BI introduces a new concept: the ability to make the value of a property dynamic. Other welcome new changes include M Intellisense, data profiling in query editor and cross-report drill-down.

  1. The April 2019 Update to Power BI Desktop (this blog)
  2. Conditional titles for visuals and conditional URLs
  3. Intellisense in the M Query Editor Language
  4. Data profiling in Query Editor
  5. Cross-report drill-through
  6. Fuzzy merging
  7. Power BI Dataflows
  8. Other changes in the April 2019 update
  9. Power BI features waiting in preview, as of April 2019

For a cumulative list of all of the updates to Power BI Desktop in the last few years see this blog, or have a look at the Power BI courses that we run.

Posted by Andy Brown on 18 April 2019

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The April 2019 Update to Power BI Desktop

Although there's no single excellent new feature this month, there are a lot of very good ones, as listed below:

New feature Notes
Conditional formatting of titles and URLs This is a poor description of a new feature which allows you to set a visual title or action button URL to be the result of an expression.  It seems likely that this will be rolled out to include many more properties in the future.
Intellisense in M To make it easier to learn and write the Query Editor formula language M, on-screen auto-completion will now help you.
Data profiling In Query Editor you can now see at a quick glance the quality of data in a column, including empty values and duplicates.
Cross report drill-through You can now drill-through not only between the pages of a report, but also between reports (subject to certain conditions).
Fuzzy merging When merging two tables, you can specify how closely the join column needs to match.
Dataflows You can now use Query Editor online, allowing different people in your organisation to share the same cleansed data.
Other miscellaneous changes The Python visual has gone mainstream, you can reference synonyms in Q+A Intellisense, there's a new DAX function for remoivng filters, you can connect to PDF files and there's a new paginated report builder.

As always, I've also listed the features waiting in preview (with the poor shape map visual STILL appearing at the top of the list).

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