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The March 2019 update of Power BI allows you to create multiple table layouts
In addition to all of the wonderful new features in the March 2019 Power BI update that I blogged about yesterday, you can also create multiple database relationship diagrams (or layouts).

Posted by Andy Brown on 21 March 2019

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Multiple database diagrams in the new Power BI Model View

In my excitement at all of the goodies in the March 2019 update of Power BI, I overlooked one aspect of the new model view which definitely deserves a mention:

Separate diagrams

You can create different database layouts - no longer do you have to fit everything into one screen!

Here's how this might work.  Supposing that you upload all of the tables in a database, and initially get a diagram like this (which Power BI will call All tables):

Initial diagram

Initially the diagram is hard to read - there are just too many tables.

You can now show (for example) all of the tables to do with the geographical breakdown of sales in a separate diagram:

Inserting a new layout

Click on the + button to add a new layout.


You can now drag tables onto your diagram:

Dragging tables

Here I've dragged the tblRegion and tblTown tables onto my layout, and am in the middle of adding the tblCentre table.

You should end up with a view onto a subset of your tables:

Subset of tables in layout

This layout only includes 3 tables.


You can thus create multiple layouts, each focusing on a different aspect of your database, making everything much easier to decipher!

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