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Read about the many new features introduced in the March 2019 update
Part ten of a ten-part series of blogs

This is the biggest single update for some time, introducing the new modelling view, tooltip styling, single-select slicers and much more besides.

  1. The March 2019 Update to Power BI Desktop
  2. A new modelling view to change your Power BI life!
  3. Changing the appearance of tooltips
  4. Single-select slicers
  5. Viewing date components in the field list
  6. Automatic heat maps and improvements to map formatting
  7. Improved selection pane
  8. New DAX functions
  9. Lots of other miscellaneous changes
  10. Power BI features waiting in preview, as of March 2019 (this blog)

For a cumulative list of all of the updates to Power BI Desktop since November 2016 see this blog, or have a look at the Power BI courses that we run.

Posted by Andy Brown on 20 March 2019

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Power BI features waiting in preview, as of March 2019

Here are the features currently waiting to be released:

March 2019 preview

The features in preview as of March 2019.

Here's my take on what to expect from each feature:

Feature Notes Rating Months
Shape map visual Fourteen months and counting ... 4 14
M Intellisense Autocompletion for the M Query Editor formula language. 8 7
Spanish language support for Q&A Will Power BI show better answers when you put your question in Spanish?  Time will tell - hasta luego. 2 14
Get data from PDF files Impressively, you'll be able to load data into a model from tables in a PDF file. 7 7
Enable column profiling Query Editor will assess the quality of data when you import a column and list possible errors. 8 6
Python support The ability to specify a Python program which outputs data as a data source. 3 8
Incremental Refresh Policies For Power BI Premium only, to begin with, you'll be able to update only data which has changed. 7 11
Manage aggregations You will be able to load data at a summarised level into a data model (thus taking up far less space), while still allowing users to drill down to a lower level. 6 7
Enable fuzzy merge You'll be able to control how similar items have to be to be considered the same when merging data. 6 6
New filter experience A new customisable and easy-to-use filter pane, with filters that you can lock and hide (Microsoft keep announcing updates to this, but it remains in preview for now). 9 5
Q&A Live Connect This will allow you to ask questions against live connections to databases. 2 4
Key influencers visual A new visual showing the main factors influencing changes in a key metric (such as sales). 7 2


  1. The subjective Wise Owl rating goes from 1 (of little importance for most Power BI Desktop users) up to 10 (will have a huge impact on your everyday report designs).
  2. The final column shows the number of months that each feature has spent in preview since I started tracking it.
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