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Changes to Power BI in the January and February 2019 updates
Part six of a seven-part series of blogs

There wasn't an official January update, although there were improvements announced to Power BI Service. This blog lists these, and also new features to wrap titles in visuals, apply rounded corners and change the default way in which visuals interact with each other.

  1. Power BI Updates for January and February 2019
  2. Word wrapping titles in visuals
  3. Rounded borders
  4. Improvements to the way visuals interact with each other
  5. Scheduled (time-based) subscriptions for your reports
  6. Miscellaneous updates to Power BI Service (this blog)
  7. Power BI features waiting in preview, as of February 2019

For a cumulative list of all of the updates to Power BI Desktop since November 2016 see this blog, or have a look at the Power BI courses that we run.

Posted by Andy Brown on 15 February 2019

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Miscellaneous updates to Power BI Service

In addition to subscriptions, Microsoft sneaked out (well, announced) a raft of new features for Power BI Service in January.

New features for Power BI Report Server

If you have a Power BI Premium licence, you can use Power BI Report Server to host your own reports (rather than having to store them in the cloud, with the concomitant worries about data security).  Report Server now includes the following features:

Report Server new features

A summary of the new features introduced into Report Server - you can see more details here.


Embedding reports

You can now embed Power BI reports on web pages easily.  Just choose to save the report as embedded:

Embedding a report

Choose this option from the File menu to embed a report.

Here's the dialog box which appears:

The embed URL

Just copy the HTML into your web page to show your report!

I pasted this onto a page of our website, which now shows this:

Embedded on website

Very straightforward!

However ... the number of tokens you can generate for embedded reports is not infinite.  This is what Microsoft say:

Embed token rules

I tried following some of these links, and quickly got bogged down in Microsoft's insanely complicated licensing rules.

However, the same webpage says this:

Licensing rules

Details of who will be able to see your embedded reports.

So you can't create a report and share it freely with the world on a public website - the intention is clearly to allow corporate paying customers to embed reports on their internal websites.

Personal bookmarks

You can now create your own bookmarks in Power BI Service, to remember the state of a report:

Creating a personal bookmark

Want to store (and later retrieve) the exact current filters, etc, for a report? Create a bookmark.


You can make any bookmark the default view:

Saving a bookmark

Tick the box to make this the default view for this report.


You can see details on all of these updates (and some more of less general interest) here.

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