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Some useful links for finding topoJSON files to be used in Power BI shape maps
If you're lucky (?) enough to live in the United States, you won't have a problem with shape map files; if you live in the UK, you may find these links useful!

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 October 2018

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Finding UK TopoJSON Maps for Power BI Shape Maps

I thought I'd put in one place the most useful links I've found for TopoJSON maps.

The Power BI Shape Map visual (still in preview at the time of writing) requires you to supply a custom map using the TopoJSON format, which is an extension of the more common GeoJSON format.  Maybe some time soon I'll find the time to write more about this!

Postcode Boundaries

I got these from Open Door Logistics.  You can right-click to download a list of either postcode areas or districts:

Postcode links

Right-click on either Areas or Districts.

Here are the shape map keys that the two options give:

Areas Districts
Areas Districts

I used this to create this map:

Map by postcode area

Total sales by postcode area.


It's not a map, but I also found this list of postcode areas useful. 

UK Counties

You can get a list of the UK counties from David Eldersveld's GitHub site for TopoJSON files:

Download files

You must be on the top-level project to see the download option shown.

Even though you're probably not interested in Venezuela, Peru or Poland, you have to download everything and then pick out the file you want.

When you unzip the files, you should see one called uk-counties.json in an obvious folder.  When you download this and set it as the source for a shape map visual, you'll see these keys:

Map keys for counties

The start of the shape map keys for counties in this map file.

Here's what the counties map looks like in Power BI before you show any data:

UK Power BI map

The shape map as it first appears in Power BI using the downloaded TopoJSON file.


Parliamentary Boundaries and Local Authority Districts

Martin Chorley maintains a list of UK maps here:

Choosing level of detail

You can choose the level of detail for the map you want to download.


You can then right-click on the link to download your choice:

Downloading topoJSON file

Right-click to download the shape file you've chosen.

The keys for the map above are less useful:

Map keys for High Peak

You'll have to work hard to get your data assigned to the correct keys.


Here's the map above in Power BI, before any data has been displayed:

Map in Power BI

The maps show up with the correct boundaries in Power BI.


If you're wondering (like me) what a Middle Layer Super Output Area is, apparently it's a geographical unit used by the UK census.

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