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A run-through the new features in the August update of Power BI Desktop
Part two of a nine-part series of blogs

This is a bigger update than most, largely because it includes two major new features emerging from preview (report themes and desktop Q&A), but it's the export to PDF feature which really catches the eye.

  1. New features in the August 2018 update of Power BI
  2. Exporting a report to PDF (this blog)
  3. Report Themes
  4. Q and A improved and incorporated within Power BI Desktop
  5. Conditional formatting by field values
  6. Bookmark groups
  7. Showing slicer choices in the header - filter restatement
  8. Ability to change the categories of measures
  9. Summary of features still waiting in preview

For a cumulative list of all of the updates to Power BI Desktop since November 2016 see this blog, or have a look at the Power BI courses that we run.

Posted by Andy Brown on 14 August 2018

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Exporting a report to PDF

I've put this as the number one new feature this month because I think it's the one which will most change people's perception of Power BI Desktop!

Export to PDF

You can now choose to export a report to PDF format, although as things stand only from within Power BI Desktop (ie not within Power BI Service).


When you choose to export your report as a PDF, you'll see a holding message:

Generating PDF

Microsoft say that you'll then see a message for each page of your report, but for my test version everything happened so quickly that the final PDF appeared almost immediately.

Power BI Desktop will create one page in the final PDF file for each page of your report (as you would expect!):

PDF file two pages

My Power BI report had two pages, so I've got two pages in my generated PDF file.


Finally, you can print a Power BI Desktop report in a useful way! 

You can't (yet, at any rate) print wallpaper colours or images, so the best advice would probably be not to use the new wallpaper feature if you're planning on printing your reports.

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