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Resolving a problem with SSRS and a Windows 10 update
After installing Windows 10 our laptops started returning a 503 error in Web Portal - this blog shows how to resolve this.

Posted by David Wakefield on 18 June 2018

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Problems with Reporting Services and Windows 10 upgrade

This blog is probably only important to you if you develop using Reporting Services (SSRS) and you publish reports to a server on your development machine (usually for testing). If this is not the case for you it is unlikely to be useful.

We had the problem with SQL Server 2016; we don't know if it effects other versions.

The problem

We upgraded our laptops to Windows 10 build 1803  If you haven't done this yet, then expect it in Windows Updates any time soon! We noticed that the next time we used the Reporting Services web portal on an upgraded laptop, it returned a 503 error:

SSRS 503 error

The SSRS web portal give a 503 error (5xx are internal server errors). This one is less cryptic than most!


The cause

The reason for the error message was that the service on the machine was not running.  If we attempted to start it, it stopped immediately:

The services window showing SSRS

This SSRS service is not running!


The wrong solution

Changing the logon that the service used rectified the problem on some machines (but not all) and also potentially reduced security:

Changing the service logon

Unless you know what you are doing you would be best advised leaving this as the default user.


The right solution

Just install the SQL service packs and cumulative updates. Restart the machine and everything works fine:

Reporting services web portal

Reporting Services Web Portal working fine!

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