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Changes in the June 2018 Update of Power BI Desktop
Part one of a four-part series of blogs

There are hardly any changes in this update - the only significant one is that you now sort and filter data within Power BI Desktop itself, rather than having to go into Query Editor.

  1. Changes in June 2018 Update of Power BI Desktop (this blog)
  2. In situ sorting and filtering of tables of data
  3. Various small improvements to specific chart types
  4. Features still in preview in the June 2018 update

For a cumulative list of all of the updates to Power BI Desktop in the last few year or two, see this blog.  Our two-day Power BI Desktop course always uses the latest version of the software.

Posted by Andy Brown on 09 June 2018

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Changes in June 2018 Update of Power BI Desktop

A very quiet month!  There are only two changes which we think people on our courses will be interested in:

Change Notes
Sorting and filtering in Data view You no longer have to go into Query Editor to sort and filter data - you can do this in Data view.
Small chart improvements You can now change the size of the hole in a donut chart, put data labels inside pie/donut chart slices and customise the data labels on combo chart data series.

I've also included my usual monthly summary of what's lying waiting in preview.  You can see the full list of changes at the Microsoft update site.

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