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More suggestions for how to use bookmarks
Part three of a five-part series of blogs

Another set of examples showing ways in which to use the weird and wonderful bookmarks feature in Power BI Desktop

  1. More interesting suggestions for using bookmarks
  2. Creating dynamic charts
  3. Dynamic page design (this blog)
  4. Information pop ups using bookmarks
  5. Pagination using bookmarks

Posted by Sam Lowrie on 09 June 2018

You need a minimum screen resolution of about 700 pixels width to see our blogs. This is because they contain diagrams and tables which would not be viewable easily on a mobile phone or small laptop. Please use a larger tablet, notebook or desktop computer, or change your screen resolution settings.

Dynamic page design

Seamless. Flowing. Minimalist. All words that we want to apply to our report, but often they don't mix:

Page clutter ugly

To get the flow we need to sacrifice the minimalism for clutter. Flexibility trumps the seamless flow and leads to this...ugh.

To try and claw back a semblance of the desired report, I will separate my report into two pages:

Bookmarks declutter

The first page has the slicers, buttons controlling the graph type and a chart that was originally cross highlighting.

This page will let the users dictate the appearance of the second page before they even move through to it:

Bookmarks pages sorting filtering

Users can filter and adapt the page to their liking. In fact, they won't be able to reach this page without coming from the Main Page.

To get this to wokr, on the Main page highlight the slicer you want to affect the other page and on the View tab tick Sync Slicers:

Sync slicers dynamic page

The funnel lets you choose which pages get filtered by creating a slicer on each page. By default the slicers are visible, but you can hide them by unticking the eye.


This means that the RegionName slicer will now affect the Product sales page without cluttering it up. Next, to get the ability to change the chart, it's time to make a bookmark:

Bookmarks slicers

For each chart type create a bookmark. Ensure that all the other charts are hidden and selected before clicking Add. Choose Selected visuals to make them part of the bookmark.

Notice that I left Data unchecked above. This means slicers still affect the charts, but more importantly Current page is unchecked. Attach the new bookmark:


Current page controls whether you move to the page the bookmark is on. By unchecking it, we opt to not move through to the Products page but still to switch the chart.

On the Products page switch the chart visual to a table. Then return to the Main page and click on the Pie Chart button which seemingly does nothing:

Bookmarks charts dynamic pages

The table will have switched into a pie chart.

Now we have a slicer which affects the Products page and a way of switching between bookmarks without switching pages. Create another button (I've chosen a blank button):

Bookmarks moving pages

Since we stopped the other bookmarks taking us through to a different page, we need to created a separate button and bookmark for this purpose.

Create a new bookmark on the target page but with these settings:

Bookmarks data display selected visuals

By unselecting Data and Display and choosing Selected visuals with no visuals selected, nothing about this page is saved in the bookmark.

Attach this bookmark to the new button. That will give you the option of moving to the Products page. Alternatively we can use drillthrough:

Drillthough bookmarks

Add the field you want to use as a drill-through to the Drillthrough filter of the target page. In this case we want to use the EnvironmentName field to drill through to the Products page.

Now I can right click on any chart visuals on the Main Page to filter the Products page further before moving to it:

Bookmarks drillthrough

Personally I prefer a hidden slicer to a drill through.

The last thing to do is hide the products page so that nobody can get to it without using one of our two options:

Bookmarks drillthrough sunc slicers

That is us done! We can filter, dynamically change and drill through to the report from a different page.


Try the completed report here.

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