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More suggestions for how to use bookmarks
Part two of a five-part series of blogs

Another set of examples showing ways in which to use the weird and wonderful bookmarks feature in Power BI Desktop

  1. More interesting suggestions for using bookmarks
  2. Creating dynamic charts (this blog)
  3. Dynamic page design
  4. Information pop ups using bookmarks
  5. Pagination using bookmarks

Posted by Sam Lowrie on 09 June 2018

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Creating Dynamic Charts

You can use bookmarks to manage as many charts on a page as you like, changing which ones you can see at any one time:

Bookmarks charts chaos!

The problem is that things get messy really fast. Which chart was meant to be visible on bookmark 12?!

What would be smoother is to have just one chart - the same one - used by every bookmark:

Bookmarks charts drilldown

Much smoother, not to mention less time consuming.

How do we achieve this miracle? It's not as complicated as you might think.  First add some category fields to your chart:

Bookmarks drilldown charts

Add the fields you want to appear in the chart to the Category field underneath each other.

Next, create the first bookmark by selecting the chart:

Bookmarks dynamic charts

I've gone with Selected visuals and only selected the chart so that slicers on the page won't be included.

To create the second chart I need to have Quarter as the chart focus:

Bookmarks charts

Use the second option of drill down to skip a level. This will create a chart based on the second level in Category, independent of the first. Data must be ticked.

Now attach these bookmarks to suitably named buttons, image or shapes:

Bookmarks dynamic charts

That's it, the whole thing. Still several bookmarks but this time only one chart!

Even better, with this method the fields don't even need to be related for it to work:

Bookmarks dynamic charts

Go as crazy as you like. If only the Y axis was so adaptable....

To see the finished report in all it's glory, click here

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