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Learning bookmarks in Power BI Desktop
Part five of a five-part series of blogs

You can use bookmarks to take your reports to the next level - they take a while to get used to, as this blog shows, but they're worth the hassle!

  1. Bookmarks - What are they, and why should you care?
  2. Creating, naming and connecting to bookmarks
  3. Using the DATA option of Bookmarks
  4. Using the Display option of Bookmarks
  5. Using the ALL/SELECTED option of bookmarks (this blog)

Posted by Sam Lowrie on 14 March 2018

You need a minimum screen resolution of about 700 pixels width to see our blogs. This is because they contain diagrams and tables which would not be viewable easily on a mobile phone or small laptop. Please use a larger tablet, notebook or desktop computer, or change your screen resolution settings.

Using the ALL/SELECTED option of bookmarks

This blog covers the All/Selected Visuals bookmarks menu option (see other parts of this blog for how to use the Data and Display options).

Power bi desktop bookmarks

Most of the time you will have all three options ticked.

The All/Selected option lets you choose which visuals are affected by a bookmark. To demonstrate this I have yet another pre-made page, containing some visuals:

Bookmarks visuals

All the other bookmarks were nice and easy.  Is this one?

In this example I want to be able to click on the table images in the corners of my report and change the chart to a table. Each change should happen independently. The first thing to note is there are more visuals on this page, which are currently hidden.

Bookmarks links charts and tables

Underneath each of the table images I have a clip art image of a chart.


After choosing all the visuals that you want to use, a good idea is to give them all names in the selection pane. This is done by clicking on each visual and toggling the Title property:

Titles Selection window names

For this chart in the visualization pane I set the title to Right chart. To hide the title simply toggle it off.

To make creating the bookmarks easier I've renamed all of the visuals:

Selection pane bookmarks

Anything with Right in the name corresponds to my visuals on the right (for example Right table is the table on the right).


Time to create our first bookmark; this will be to show my right chart. Highlight all the visuals you want to include in the bookmark. The easiest way to do this is to use the selection pane:

Bookmarks images charts selection pane

Make sure to include the hidden objects!

Now add the new bookmark in the bookmark pane. Call it something like Right hand chart and choose Selected visuals only:

Selection pane bookmarks

I have un-ticked data so that my slicer will affect all of the visuals no matter the bookmark.


This has created our first bookmark, which only includes the visuals and states that you highlighted. Now very importantly we must unselect the current bookmark ( if you don't then you overwrite it):

Bookmark selected Bookmark not selected.

To unselect a bookmark either create an object then delete it or toggle the visibility of any visual. So far this Owl hasn't found another way to unselect a bookmark!

It's time now to create the next bookmark, this time for the right hand side (to show the table rather than the chart). Swap the visibility of the right visuals around:

Chart Bookmarks visuals

It takes some time to do; will it be worth it?

Now create this as a new bookmark with a name like Right hand chart again making sure to toggle Selected visuals only and turn off Data:

Bookmark chart table

Importantly I am leaving Display ticked. This saves the visibility setting of the visuals when the bookmark was created.


That is both bookmarks complete -  time now to create the links on the images. To do these check you aren't on either bookmark, then select the first image:


Set the link to a bookmark, and select the bookmark you want to navigate to. In this case when a user clicks on the chart Power BI Desktop should take them to the right hand chart.

Now make the table image visible and set the link to the right hand table bookmark:

Bookmarks all visuals visual selection

Can you feel a sense of completion?

Now it is a case of doing the same thing for the left hand side. Remember to unselect the bookmark you have highlighted or everything will go wrong!

Bookmarks selected visuals

Even better is because we un-ticked Data filters and slicers will affect both sides of the report. If you didn't want them to when creating the bookmarks, leave Data ticked!

If we had left all visuals ticked, it would have saved the state of every visual. Meaning when we switched between bookmarks, all visuals would have changed to how they looked when the bookmark was created:

Bookmarks charts tables

 Not half as much fun!

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