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What's new in SQL Server 2017? For SSAS Tabular, lots, it transpires.
Part four of a six-part series of blogs

This blog summarises the main new features of SQL Server for non-administrators (that is, most of us). Most parts of SQL Server get minor changes at best, but SSAS Tabular 2017 gets a host of major improvements.

  1. What's new in SQL Server 2017 (differences versus 2016)
  2. Changes to SQL Server 2017 installation
  3. What's new in the T-SQL language in SQL Server 2017
  4. What's new in Integration Services 2017 (SSIS 2017) (this blog)
  5. What's new in Reporting Services 2017 (SSRS 2017)
  6. What's new in Analysis Services 2017 (SSAS 2017)

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 January 2018

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What's new in Integration Services 2017 (SSIS 2017)?

Virtually nothing!  For the average user nothing has changed:

Script task

Script tasks and script components now use a different version of C# / VB (that's the only difference I can find!).

Here is a summary of the changes from the Microsoft SSIS 2017 update website:

Main SSIS changes

Like I said, for the average user nothing has changed!

So to pad out this page, here are the top three things I'd like to see in SSIS 2018:

Change Notes
Parameter mapping Make it easier to specify parameter mapping to SQL commands in the Execute SQL task dialog box.
Separate loop tasks Create separate tasks for looping over files, rows, etc, and make each of these individual tasks then easier to configure.
Separate file/folder tasks Separate the File System Task into file tasks and folder tasks, and then make each dialog box easier to use.

One can but dream ... 

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